When Was Indoor Soccer Invented?


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It was in the year 1885, when the first recorded indoor soccer match was played. The match was played between Western Football Association of Ontario and the O.N.T of Newark and was played in the Newark Roller Skating Rink. The series that took place was a part of a challenge cup that included both the outdoor and the indoor games. The game was played under lights and started at 9 O' clock at night. The team from Canada won each of the games that were played.

The first indoor soccer league was played in the year 1923 and it was the opening game of the winter season at the Commonwealth Calvary Armory in Boston. The first set of rules for the game were devised by Juan Carlos Ceriani in the year 1930 and it was in the year 1939 that the American Soccer League hosted occasional indoor soccer matches that were played at the Madison square Graden in New York City.

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