What Is The Nature Of Volleyball?


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Volley ball can be played either indoors or outdoors and you do not need expensive equipment to be able to play. According to the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) one in six people in the world either watches or plays volleyball.

• Equipment needed to play volleyball
To play volleyball, you will need a volleyball itself, a net and some knee pads for protection. These are available at the majority of sport stores. Usually the net will come with the boundary lines, but if it doesn't you can mark out your court with other markers.

If you are playing in a large area like on the beach, each half of the court should be eight meters by eight meters; obviously if you are playing in the back yard, the measurements do not have to be this.

• Objectives of the game
The objectives are to be able to serve the ball and return it; do not let the ball hit the ground on your side of the net; and do not hit the ball when it is out of bounds.

• Teams
For a really good game there should be a minimum of six players on each team. The person who stands in the back right-hand corner is the one who serves.

• How to serve
The point of volleyball is to get the ball onto the other side of the net by hitting it with your hands; more experienced players can do this by using an overhand motion, but for less experienced players, underhand is fine.
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Each team tries to hit a ball over a net and prevent the other team from returning the ball.
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Volleyball is a a nice sports specially when it's your passion to play...

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