What Are Good Volleyball Chants?


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Ace Ace in your face
To the window to the wall we saw you shank that ball shank you very much
AAAHHH ace ace ace
a-c-e ace burn ouch
for a kill- aahh kill kil kill ch ch reload (as in a gun)
wind it up we do our thang ace
block- a roof and put your arms over the smallest kid on your team
aaahh block access denied
you try to get all in our face we smack that ball back in your face
you better duck you better hide because (blanks names) serve is comin to your side
before game- we're fired up we're sizzlin we're tunin up the heat cause when it comes to volleyball you know we can't be beat
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We're fired up we're sizzlin we can't be stoped so come on ( team name) lets take it to the top Woo!
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  • Fizz Fizz Pop Pop ( Volley Ball Team Name ) Is At The Top!
  • were fired up were sizzlein were turning up the heat cause when it comes to volley ball we can't beat!
  • don't mess don't mess with the best because the best don't mess!don't fool don't fool
don't messdont fool with the cool because the cool don't fool!
From the east to the west, (Volley Ball Team Name)is/are the best

  • our team is boom dinamite our team is boom dinamite our team is tic tic tic tic tic tic BOOM DINAMITE!!!
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All ace boom
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For a kill everyone go into the center and say tick tick and then jump out and say BOOM!

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