What Soccer Academies Are In Johannesburg South Africa?


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  • There are several soccer academies in Johannesburg.
  • A company called Jozikids does soccer coaching in the city and lists all of the clubs in the city for kids up to teenagers. The website, lists all the registered academies in the city.
  • There are also several professional teams in the city that may have junior clubs, including Johannesburg City, Johannesburg rangers FC, and Johannesburg United.
  • There is also a company called Yamampela soccer academy, which is located on mokoeme street.
  • There are plenty of clubs in Johannesburg to choose from. Now you just need to choose the best one for you. It might be worth googling any club that you might want to go to to find out where it is in the city, because it needs to be easy to get to for you. If it is over the other side of the city when there is another good club a few blocks down, the logical choice would be to choose that one. Check out which clubs are for what ages too, as some will be for older teens , and some might be for young kids.
  • There is talk that David Beckham is opening a soccer academy in Johannesburg, and this will be very high demand, so you'll need to get in fast if you want a place there.

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