What Basketball Player Did Ty Rivers In What Color Is Love Portray?


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The film What Color Is Love is based on the true story of Theodore (Blue) Edwards who in the show is called Ty Rivers.

  • The real life story
Edwards played for the Vancouver Grizzlies and had an affair with a canadian called Kimberly Van de Perre. Just like the show during the affair Kimberley fell pregnant and had Edward's child in 1997 and called it Elijah. Edwards was known to have a few other affairs but as far as we know none that bore anymore children.

When Elijah was merely 3 months old Kimberley went to court insisting on child support payment stating the father of the child as Edwards. This caused him to fight to get joint custody which then changed and he attempted to get sole custody. The court process was lengthy and ended in them deciding at one point to award joint custody to Edwards and his wife. However Kimberley appealed this and she was given sole custody with access for Edwards. This finally happened in 2001 but from the time of Kimberley being granted sole custody the father, Edwards stopped paying all child support and stopped going to see his child, Elijah.

  • The TV show
In 2009 this story was picked up by Canadian Television Network who produced and aired this as "playing for keeps". When it was aired in America they changed the title to " What color is love?"

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