What Is The Facilities And Equipment In Badminton?


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To play a game of badminton you will need the following:

  • Badminton racket

This is the most important tool that a player will use in the game. A badminton racket is lighter than other sports rackets; as they are made out of carbon fiber and also lighter metals for example aluminum. Strings are stretched in a checker board pattern over the opening of the badminton racket. This will act as the racket's hitting surface. The cost of a badminton racket will vary widely. This will depend on whether the racket is an expensive and more professional model or a basic back-yard set.

  • Shuttlecock
The shuttlecock is also known as a birdie and will act the same as other balls in racket sports. The design of the shuttlecock will create more drag. It will be propelled into the air because of the feathered shape. The birdie is cone shaped that has a hard cork at the tip. Birdies are made out of various materials. A less expensive model will be made out of plastic while a more expensive model will be made out of feathers.

  • Net
A net divides badminton courts into two sides. It is placed five feet high within the center while on the sides it is five feet and one inch high. This is lower than volleyball nets. The length of the net will vary whether singles or doubles are being played. Doubles will reach 22 feet and singles will reach 17 feet.

  • Badminton court
Badminton courts should be 17 feet wide by 44 feet long when playing singles, and 22 feet wide by 44 feet long when playing doubles. If it is an indoor facility there must be sufficient height for the birdie to float over the net and not hit the ceiling. The height varies depending on the players' strength.

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