What Equipment Is Used In Long Jump?


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In long jump the only equipment used it the rake, measuring stick,
measuring tape, and shovel. The rake is used to smooth out the pit after
and before a jump is preformed in order to prevent injury and to get
measurements that are yours and not anyone other person's. The measuring
stick is used to simply help get a measurement by placing it at the end
of the jump. The measuring tape is used to get the distance. And
finally the shovel is used in case the sand needs to be turned over
before anyone jumps, such as if the sand is too hard.

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None really not like pole vault or javelin but the thing that you actually run and stuff on are:
The runway (track or strip you run along)
a board thing (this is where you take off from)
a pit (usually sand or something soft that you land in)
and sometimes a strip measuring feet and inches (to check your distance)
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Take off board
latex running track
white washed sand

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