What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of An Official In Badminton?


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There are four officials used to referee a badminton game, and they all have different roles and responsibilities.

What to badminton officials do?

The four officials who referee a badminton match are:

  • The referee - Who is in charge of running the entire game.
  • Umpire - The person charged with seeing that the rules of the game are followed.
  • Service judge - The person who decided whether a service is legal.
  • Line judge - The person who judges whether the shuttle has landed in play or not.
What are the roles and responsibilities of badminton officials?
A referee usually spends the game calling decisions out and keeping the score.

He also makes sure that players are following all the rules, are dressed appropriately, and that their equipment meets official regulation standards.

An umpire calls out the illegal serves that he sees, and uses hand signals to point out any infringement he notices.

A service judge also uses hand signals, and is tasked with keeping track of where the shuttle lands and whether the service that players perform is legal.

A line judge basically deals with any problems that arise with player behavior, and other team officials and coaching staff.

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