How To Play Slice Shot In Table Tennis?


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The slice or is similar to the speed drive in some respects — it is very straightforward, usually used for custody the end alive and creating nasty opportunities. A sliver resembles a tennis slice: the bat cuts beneath the ball, imparting backspin and causing the ball to float slowly to the supplementary side of the table. While not obvious, a slice can be easier said than done to attack because the backspin on the ball causes it to drop toward the table upon prominent the opponent's bat – in classify to attack a segment, a player must lift the ball sponsor over the net.

Often, the best option is to simply slice the ball back again, which repeats and results in slicing rallies. Otherwise, an added option is to flip or drive the ball, merely when it is far enough away from the net. Slicing can have its advantages, but it's a shot value avoiding. Players should only piece when their adversary makes simple mistakes. Offensive players should only slice for variation and not for universal rallies.

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