What Is The Official Size And Weight Of A Table Tennis Ball?


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It is the International Table Tennis Federation (that is ITTF) which constitutes the governing body dealing with all national table tennis associations. The older 38 mm table tennis balls as of the year 2000 were officially substituted by 40 mm balls. This is now the standard. It is to have 2.7 grams mass in total. At the same time, 2.67 to 2.77 grams is deemed acceptable. In the same way diameters of 39.5 mm to 40.50 mm may be used.

It was toward the closing stages of the year 2000 that the ITTF brought in several rules changes including the change in ball size. These changes instituted were ultimately meant to lead table tennis to being more workable as a televised spectator sport. The increased ball size meant increased air resistance, thus slowing down the game.
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2 gram

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