What Is The Nature Of The Game Of Basketball?


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The nature of the game of Basketball is to try to score more points than the opposing team by throwing - or 'shooting' - a ball through the opening in the top of the basketball hoop, whilst following a set of rules. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game wins, although additional time may be issued in the rare instance that a game ends in a tie. It is one of the world's most popular a widely enjoyed sports.

The hoop that the players must try to shoot their basketballs through is, by regulation, 18 inches in diameter at the rim and mounted to a backboard 10 feet off the ground. During regular play, either team can score a 'field goal' by shooting the basketball through the hoop. This will score then respective teams two points, due to the distance the player will be from the hoop. The 'easiness' of scoring a basket whilst touching or closer to the hoop than the three-point line means a score of two points is possible, while being on or behind the three-point line, as its name suggests, awards the player an extra point (three) for the technicality of their shots.

Movement while in control of the ball is governed by a 'dribbling' technique, where the basketball is bounced by the player as they are walking or running, and team mates can also pass the ball to other players on their team in a variety of ways. It is a direct violation of the rules to walk with the ball, carry it, or double dribble, which means to hold the ball after dribbling, and then resume dribbling.

Violating the rules in such a way will result in a 'foul'. Other ways a player can earn a foul include engaging in disruptive physical contact (Basketball is primarily a non-contact sport). If an offensive player is fouled upon while shooting, he is usually awarded a free throw from which two points can be scored. 'Technical' fouls exist too, and these are usually issued when certain indiscretions occur. These most commonly include unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of a player or a coach, and can also result in a free throw for the opposing team.

Basketball has its own sets of commonly used techniques of ball control such as passing, dribbling and shooting, and has also evolved very many specialized player positioning techniques and offensive/defensive structures. The tallest members of a Basketball team will typically play the 'power forward', 'center' or 'small forward positions', whereas shorter players and more technically minded players may be consigned to the 'shooting guard' or 'point guard' positions.

Competitive basketball is carefully regulated by, but in light of this, a whole host of variations on 'traditional' Basketball have been developed for more casual play. Competitive basketball is usually played indoors on well maintained and perfectly marked out courts, but the less regulated versions of the game can be seen to be played outdoors in a variety or urban and rural areas alike.

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