What Falls Faster A Tennis Ball Or A Softball?


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There is a famous story about the 16th century scientist, Galileo. The Greek scholar Aristotle had stated that heavy objects fell faster than lighter objects, and that was accepted as fact.  The story says the Galileo dropped objects of different weights from the top of the Tower of Pisa.  The objects landed at the same time regardless of what each weighed.  Whether or not there is any truth to the story, the laws of physics support the experiment.  The tennis all and the softball fall at the same rate according to Newton's Second Law of Physics.
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All objects will fall a the same rate in a vaccuum. This should be noted since a cannonball will hit the ground much sooner than a feather if they were dropped outside of a vaccuum. The feather will develop wind resistance as it falls and will even rise due to wind currents. Since there is no wind in a vaccuum, both objects fall at the same time.
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It would depend on the height, not the weight of the ball, No?

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