When Did The Modern Boxing Start And What Are The Names Of Organizations That Organize And Promote Boxing?


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The sport of boxing originated in Greece more than two thousand years ago. However the organized boxing in modern times began in the 18th century. The modern boxing rules called "Queensberry Rules" were framed under the patronage of Marquees of Queensberry (1844-1900). These rules were first used in 1892 and introduced the use of gloves. Currently there are many organizations which organize and promote boxing at international level. These include World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Association (WBA), International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Organization (WBO). The World Boxing Council organizes the professional boxing.

The ring measures 12 x 12 feet for amateurs and 14 x 14 feet or 20 x 20 feet for the professionals. The weight of the gloves differs for the professional and amateur boxing contests in diverse categories. Normally it is 8 ounces for professionals and up to 12 ounces for the amateurs. A boxing contest consists of up to fifteen rounds of three minutes each which are separated by one minute intervals. The match is supervised by a referee.

Today boxing is considered to be one of the most paying sport of the world, there is a huge amount of bets are also involved in the game of boxing.

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