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Boxing on the human body and have a great impact on the social roles that mainly reflected in the following aspects.  1. Boxing can enhance the power of the human body  Boxing game to rely on the body of the explosive to complete the offensive and defensive moves, and only in the shortest possible time, the maximum power of play to be able to achieve the purpose of offense and defense to effectively complete the offensive and defensive moves, which requires a strong explosive boxer. The work of well-trained boxer muscles stretch and punch when the explosive force, several times higher than the average person, while their punches faster speed will be increased accordingly. Regular practice boxing. Be able to exercise boxing fans and boxing athletes explosive power and speed and strength. Boxing fans and athletes to improve muscle quality.  For boxing training and competition, the need for the body muscles in a state of high tension, sustained longer work, which other functions of the body muscles and the ongoing capacity of the system have high requirements. Especially the boxing competition, the muscle activity intensity, action, long duration, if the poor level of training of the fighter, in order to uphold the five rounds of competition is very difficult. Game boxer's body muscles and mental highly concentrated, easily lead to the nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system fatigue. Regular practice boxing, regularly participates in a boxing game boxer and boxing fans, you can practice and competitions to raise the muscles ability to work long hours to improve the activities of the human body functions of various systems, thereby enhancing and improving human endurance, so that the body can adapt to long - time to work under high tension, training and competitions.  Boxing also can enhance the practitioner's absolute power. In the boxing practice, especially in boxing, the boxer must have a larger absolute power in order to achieve the offensive and defensive purposes. In other words, must have hit each other's strength, in order to gain advantage in the boxing match and initiative. Therefore, most boxers have attached great importance to exercise absolute power, often doing a lot of upper body strength in order to increase offensive power. According to the determination of the world's best boxer boxing power of issuing up to 500 kg. Have greater power of the other boxer in the game will make psychological fear, the loss of confidence in the game. But we know that absolute power and speed to combine in order to play a role, and only the absolute power of a strong, but slow, it is difficult to reach the other side, so that the power to make to the meaning. Therefore, in the process of boxing practice, we must note that the combination of absolute power and speed, through the fastest speed to maximize the power of boxing is to get the key to victory conditions  2. Boxing can increase people's sensitivity and responsiveness  The most basic boxing, one of the most important quality is to have a high degree of sensitivity and rapid response capability. In the boxing competition and training, the players must be proficient in the use of a variety of technical methods, the flexibility to change the use of a variety of tactics, and to be alive to the situation with the court in time to adjust their own technical and tactical at the same time to complete a variety of technical combinations, etc. All of this will require a high degree of sensitivity boxer with fast response capability, otherwise it will be controlled by others, always passive. Regular exercise and participate in boxing boxing people who sensitivity and response capacity will be fully exercise and increased sensitivity and responsiveness of this performance in their daily work and life, it will make you feel ease of living, thereby increasing the people's lives fun and delight.  3. Boxing can promote people's physical and mental health  Boxing hand equal emphasis on the brain, systemic activities, sports, exercises or participating in boxing boxing match, man has always been non-stop beating and movements, but also, boxer every action taken is sophisticated in the brain , fast after consideration, so that movement of the human body organs and the brain's analysis of responses in high demand, so that movement of the human body organs and the brain are fully exercise. Also, because boxing training and competition, the need for a state of high tension in the high-intensity combat, so boxer of the respiratory system, circulatory, nervous systems, motion systems have very high requirements and the full exercise. According to laboratory tests, boxing game players of oxygen uptake up to 3000 milliliters per minute, pulse 200 times per minute or so. Physiological tests show that well-trained boxers in the heart of the phenomenon of the volume has increased, heart beat strong. Boxing athlete's competitive athletic events than any other age, the competitive age much longer, and can be maintained until 40 years old. Such as the United States Muhammad Ali 38 years old, is still involved in professional boxing; the U.S. Boxing champion Foreman 45-year-old Shi Hai participating in professional boxing; the United States last year, beat boxer Mike Tyson, the new world, Evader Holy-field, is the age of 35, when the 3rd to win this honor. All of which are boxing shows a positive effect on the human body.  Boxing is a contest of human capabilities, but also the psychological wisdom of the contest. Long been engaged in boxing, will train people to tenaciously and daring to fight Gan-pin, indomitable will, and also train people to concentrate and persistent pursuit of the cause of spirit. Because boxing with a very strong competitive characteristics that can exercise emergency response capabilities when the boxer Threatened and training boxer in dangerous conditions and a high degree of tension under the calm of the psychological qualities, not only for boxing movements, but also in their daily work and life boxer the difficulties encountered when calmly deal with the role of great help.  4. Boxing is an effective means of self-defense self-defense,  Exciting heavyweight boxing boxing blink of an eye as a empty-handed fighting skills and learn to master the technique of boxing, you can apply it to real being. Boxing's offensive and defensive technology is relatively simple, easy to master, through repeated training practice later, as a means of self-defense self-defense is very effective. By boxing blows and 抗击打能力 training can improve the practitioner's self-defense awareness and self-defense methods, and be playing playing exercises in a natural grasp of the self-defense self-defense skills, improve practitioners encounter violations of self-protection.  5. Boxing has a wide range of social influence  Boxing has aroused a great impact and played a role in sensation. Now almost all over the world to know what Tyson bite Holy-field, boxing is both the cause of shame, but also boxing in the community a way to lead to social effects. Of course, boxing is not just impact on the community, or Snapshots of these scandals, the most important thing is boxing itself in the rough and wild charm, boxing sports performance with a higher intensity of the United States, Health United States, skills the United States, has a strong appeal to and irritating。
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Boxing is an combat sports.

Boxing is supervised by a referee over a series of one- to three-minute intervals
called rounds. A boxing match typically consists of a determined number
of three-minute rounds, a total of up to 9 to 12 rounds. A minute is typically
spent between each round with the fighters. The fight is controlled by a
referee who works within the ring to judge and control the conduct of the
fighters, rule on their ability to fight safely, count knocked-down fighters,
and rule on fouls.

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