Who Is Fastest Bowler In The World?


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Shoaid Akhter is the fastest bowler. He bowled 161 kph. After him is Malinga.
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Fastest Bowler in the world is Shoaib akhtar of pakistan who bowled a 161.3 km/h bowl twice in a cricket game...he bowled a 161.3 km/h delivery at the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2003 against England...2nd position is Brett Lee of Australia..3rd is Shaun Tait of Australia who bowled a 160.7 km/h delivery to Pakistan at Australia....
I think the fastest bowler in the world in the recent era of cricket is SHOAIB AKHTER of PAKISTAN. He generated 161kph in the world cup held in South Africa in 2003 against England. Before Shoaib, JEFF THOMPSON of AUSTRALIA was the fastest ever bowler produced in world cricket.
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Presently, Shoaib Ak tar is given the title as he injured a batsman with his incredible bowling speeds.
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Fastest will be bret lee/ shoib akthar.
Then lasith malinga,tait and bond.  Every one had slowed down abit due to injuries.
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Shane bond
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Mohamed sami is the fastest bowler in the history of cricket he bowled around 164km/h in amatch against india bt da question is no one note that thing

Here is da video
Just Amazing that commentators didn't note that stuff
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At the moment that prize goes to Shane Bond (cool name)of New Zealand who is unstoppable, and has bowled at speeds over 150km an hour or 90 miles an hour. Who although he has been beset by injuries, is impressive!
For me however, this honour is shared by my cricketing hero Alan Donald who played for South Africa and also county cricket in England, my other favorite Glen Macgrath is up there too.
This is the ranking in top bowlers however.
L. Malinga Sri Lanka
G. Macgrath Ausie
M. Muralitharan Sri lanka
C. Langevelt S. Africa
B. Hogg Ausie
D. Powell West Indes
A. Flintoff England
A. Hall S. Africa
S. Bond N. Zealand
These figures are the latest Icould find they are open to discussion, however this is the ICC board.
I hope this terrible time in cricket will pass with the shadow over this world cup caused by the murder of Bob the coach who loved cricket.
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The fastest bowler in the world is Brett Lee who, when on fire can bowl upto 155+ speeds. The other swift bowlers are Shaun Tait, Lasith Malinga and Shoaib Akthar (but many say that he chucks the ball ).

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