How Did Basketball Get Its Name?


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Basketball is called "the international game" because it is played in every civilized country of the world. Like many of our other games basketball didn't develop slowly and does not have an ancient history. Basketball was invented by James A. Naismith in 1891.

He wanted to provide a game to interest students of physical education at the Springfield Training School, Springfield, Massachusetts. Naismith combined the Indian game of lacrosse and British soccer to make a suitable indoor game. Instead of using a stick as in lacrosse, or kicking a ball with a foot as in soccer, he devised a game by which the ball is passed from player to player or dribbled by a single player and shot into a goal. When Naismith first created the game, he had used a wooden peach basket as goal. So the game began to be called "basketball".
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I would venture a guess that it was called basket ball due to the fact that a peach basket was used as the first basket. Some one stood on a ladder and took the ball out of the basket, as the bottom was still intact.
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At the ymca a man camin and took a basket cut out the bottom put it on a pole and then toke a ball and showed the people how to shoot it in.

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