What Does Basketball Teach You?


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It teaches you not to give up
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People have answered a lot of it but it teaches you to be around people and to share.It teaches you agility, and how to handle a ball and dribble. Hope this helps
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Basketball or any other sports for that matter can be an important tool to teach you being disciplined in life. It has some other lessons also that you can take when you are playing it at the competitive level.

The sports can be used as a teaching program for the students that have enrolled in the management programs. It make them learn about the strategy making process and if they find an opportunity the person will be made to make full advantage of it as on the field also they have to take decision at that very moment instead of sticking to the prior strategy.

These days you can find the use of various kinds of sports while teaching management techniques to the students and the use of the sports is that they teach you to take on-the spot decision that the students have to take later in their life.
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Its pretty much same for all the team sports (soccer, football, basketball, baseball), you learn teamwork, supporting and communicating well with the other players and so on.

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