Who Started Boxing?


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Boxing has its roots not in the modern age, but way back in the ancient civilizations. Since it required the use of no sophisticated weapons, only the bare hands, it was indulged in from very ancient times, as far back as the Greek and Roman civilizations. Boxing first made its appearance in England when the Romans invaded that country in the 1st century. However, the first known boxing match was fought as a bout between the butler and butcher of the Duke of Albemarle in 1681. The match was arranged by the Duke himself. However, the first recorded bout was some time in the 18th century. In those days, there were no gloves, and certainly no rules. It was not even a sport initially; but a means of settling matters between rivals. The fights lasted till one man went down, and were usually brutal, no-holds-barred, freestyle affairs. The ring was formed by spectators forming a circle around the fighters, hence the name.

As a sport, boxing came into being in the British Isles. The first official boxing champion was James Figgs. He became the champion in 1719. After his death in 1740, his pupil George Taylor took on the mantle of champion. However, the first rules were introduced by Jack Boughton, who took over from Taylor. He is considered the 'Father of Boxing Rules', when he introduced the first set of rules in 1734. These rules were not comprehensive, however, and the first set of comprehensive rules were introduced by John Sholto Douglass in 1867.
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Boxing goes back to ancient Egyptian times but was brought to popularity by the ancient Greeks. It was mainly a past-time of soldiers to let off aggression and pass the time from boredom.

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