How Do You Throw A Shot Put?


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Shot put is one of the most popular track events. It consists of throwing a heavy ball which is made of metal as far as one can. The size of the ball which is used shot put depends on the age and gender of the person who is throwing it. For female contestants, the ball weighs about four kilograms. For boys in high school, the standard weight of the ball is approximately twelve pounds, and it weighs about 16 pounds for male contestants in college. People either glide or spin the shot put when they throw it.

Before throwing a shot put, it is very necessary for every contestant to warm up and then go to the circle to commence your throw. The throw is usually in three parts. The first part involves setting it up and the glide (or the spin), the second part is called the power throw and the third and final part of the shot put throw is the release. Then every contestant must cool down.

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