What Are The Official Rules Of Javelin Throwing?


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The rules of javelin are very simple...
1.The javelin must be held at the grip and thrown over either the shoulder or upper part of the throwing arm.
2.You mustn’t cross the throwing line ever after the javelin is throw doing this will cause it to be a foul throw.
3.For the throw to be counted the tip of the javelin Must touch the ground first. If this doesn’t happen then it will again be counted as a foul throw.
4.During the throw you mustn’t ever turn your back completely to the throwing line.
5.You will be aloud 3 or 6 throws. They then only count your best throw. If you then get the furthest distant you are considered the winner.
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The rules of the javelin throw are very similar to the rules of any other throwing event. The competitors get three throws or six throws. The best throw is recorded and the person who throws it is considered as the winner for the throw to be qualified, the javelin's point should first touch the ground or the surface. These javelin throws gain a considerable forward velocity in the passage of their run up to the point of time of their throws. The athletes in a javelin throw share the qualities much similar to that of an athlete of the jumping and running events. The power also shows the qualities of an athlete.

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