Why Are The Olympics Held Every 4 Years?


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The Olympics are held every four years owning to the length of Olympiad which is four years. Olympiad was a method of keeping time in the ancient Greece. Later on it was used for the Olympics in both the ancient and the modern times. The Olympics were first held in the modern times in 1896 after it was discontinued in the medieval times. Since then it is held every four years with the exception of the time during the world war.

The Olympics is the biggest sports festival in the world. It is the greatest platform for the sportsmen to showcase their talent and prove their skill in an international venue. It is a matter of great pride and honour to win an Olympic medal and all the nations aim at trying to win it. It is held in a different country every four years though in the ancient times it was always held in the Olympus Mountain in Athens.
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Olympics are celebrated after four years because; an Olympiad is a time phase of four years, related with the Olympic Games. In present day world Olympiad refers to a phase starting from January 1st of every single year, in which the Games of the Olympiad are due to take place, and lasting for four years.

The initial contemporary Olympics started in the year 1896, so the following Olympics started in the year 1900, and so on. The twenty ninth Olympics will start in the year 2008. An Olympiad, mainly in early literature, was duration of four years including inclusively, opening with the games at Olympia.

The Olympic Games initially began in the 776 BC, and were held in Olympia, Greece, and were celebrated until 392 AD.
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The Olympic Games, which have been held every four years since 1896, except for interruptions of World Wars, represent the pinnacle of achievement for athletes.

It is the athletes who claim most of the attention, although the range of sports on the Olympic program is wide. Archery, boxing, fencing, gymnastics, swimming and weightlifting are just a few on the main program, where there are also team events like soccer and basketball. At the winter Olympics, which are held separately, skating, skiing, bob-sleighing and ice hockey add to the opportunities for medals.

The games are based on an ancient Greek festival held at Olympia, the first recorded mention of which dates from 776 BC, the accepted date of the first Olympiad. In fact the game began hundreds of years earlier, and legends link their beginnings with the feats of the gods.

The idea of re-establishing the Olympic Games was that of a Frenchman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin. He saw sport as a means of uniting nations and providing an opportunity to express patriotism with generosity of spirit rather than aggression.

After years of efforts, he was instrumental in forming the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which arose from a meeting in Paris in 1894.
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Because the ancient olympic games that took place in olympia,greece were held every four yrs.
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In honor of the gos Apollo
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My guess would be this:
It's held every 4 years because it might have taken a lot of time to prepare with all the Events...Medals...Trophies...Signing Up......
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Because hopefully the gold medal winner will die somehow in that four years so he wont be there to win gold again.

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