What are the importance of computers in today's life with regards to sports?


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I would say Social Media. People who usually are not at sports events but need those constant updates rely on computers, mobiles and laptops to stay up to date. Also, timed events need laptops to record each athletes finishing time/stage entry and exit.

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ly fen chen answered

They let us keep contact or have the news from the famous sportsperson that we like, as by the computer we can know his/her activity and what he/she does.

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Bestof Life answered

I used to cover college and prof teams on radio/tv

The data provided was amazing. Having 12 people inputing info to me/us made us sound much more informed than we were (even as prepared)

Also I use/d computers with video for my sports and data inputs, including my various opponents information = tendencies.

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Karl Sagan answered

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