Should Fans Of Team Sports Demand That The Stadium Owners Put In Covered Stadiums So They Can Watch Their Favorite Sport In Comfort?


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G'day Nomad1,

Thank you for your question.

No. It would cost hundreds of millions to do that and many stadium owners do not have that sort of money especially in smaller communities. There are other cities where you would not need to do that.

I could tell you what the taxpayers of my home city of Canberra would say about covering Canberra Stadium. It can get cool there in July and August (Australia's winter) but not too bad.

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Well, they could, but, it really isn't going to do any good. They love the 'ambiance' of the stadium at like Lambeau field. Lol If I were to go to a game, I would love to be comfortable, but, it would depend on the season, and the location. Sad that with all the fan's requests, they still wouldn't do it.
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Or let's put it this way if i was going to spend over $500 to see game it would not be in extreme weather hot or cold.i can think of better ways to spend 500 hundred dollars like toward a giant sixty inch led screen in my livng room nice and comfortable and my money would not be going to pay the team owner to sit on his rear end in a heated or air conditioned suite at the me that's crazy when the players are being paid 10's of millions to play .they are not paying me to freeze or fry
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Oops ran out of room.:)
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I know what you mean, but, realistically, that is like that last thing that the NFL wants to afford. I am sure with enough screaming and protest they might. I dunno.

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