If Chelsea could only manage a 0-0 draw against the mighty Midlands team, Stoke City FC, what would they do if a crack team of Mighty Alien Invaders landed on the pitch at Stamford Bridge?


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Stoke are a notoriously dour defensive side, especially at the Britannia and last year's match ended 1-1.This was AVB's first real competitive match and starting off with Kalou up front was a mistake ( no wonder he's set to be a makeweight in luring Modric from Spurs ).Pairing Anelka with Drogba for the last 20 mins consistently proved last season this doesn't work and the team also lacked McEachran's incisive runs.

Chelsea need a flying left winger to exploit the space out wide to feed Torres - he's a poacher not a playmaker - and they need a creative midfielder to replace Fat Frank whose golden days are now a fading memory.AVB intends to strengthen the squad before the transfer window closes with either Luka Modric or Valencia's Juan Mata to fill this creative role.I think we'll find that once the jigsaw pieces all in place, a new more inventive Chelse a side will emerge.
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Owe you a helpful Janey, run out of my measly quota yet again :))
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Janey: That's really enlightening.
I wish Chelsea FC well in their endeavours, and give my regards to Roman Abramovich and his young pretty wife.
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Hummmm what kind of stupid question is this, an away point is good for any team. If stoke can't win at home, will they ever be able to win away. I think it is you who is the alien fool> :))

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