Has Gary Caldwell Scored Own Goals Against Arsenal, Benfica and Aalborg?


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Gary Caldwell, is the current captain of English Premier League team Wigan Athletic. He primarily plays as a center back, but he has also been deployed at right back and in midfield. Earlier in his career whilst he was playing for Celtic, Caldwell did score own goals on three occasions, against Arsenal, Benfica and Aalborg. He currently holds the Champions League record for the most own goals in the competition.

Caldwell scored his first own goal in the Champions League against Benfica in Lisbon in 2006. The match was only in the tenth minute and the goal put Celtic on the back foot almost straight away. In 2008, Caldwell scored another own goal in the dying minutes of Celtic's clash with Aalborg in Denmark. Celtic had taken the lead earlier in the match but a low cross from Aalborg's Andreas Johnasson was diverted into the net by Caldwell. The own goal put Celtic out of the European competition.

Caldwell's third and final European own goal came against Arsenal in 2009. Arsenal had already taken the lead through a header by center back William Gallas, but Caldwell sealed Celtic's fate by accidentally putting the ball in to his own net. This was the first time an English team had won at Parkhead (Celtic's ground) in 26 years.

Gary Caldwell transferred from Celtic to Wigan Athletic in 2010, and in the following season he was handed the captain's armband. He has made 48 appearances thus far for the Scottish national team, scoring on two occasions.

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In a word, YES :)

and who could forget his deadly pin-point pass to Thierry Henry in a thrilling 3-2 defeat at home against Barcelona

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