And just how many NHL goals have been scored by goalies since the NHL existed?


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Although the NHL was established in 1917, and attempts at scoring were made, it appears only eleven goals have been scored by NHL goalkeepers, all of which have been recorded since 1979.

  • Type of Goals
Out of these eleven recorded goals, six goals were actually scored by the goalkeepers, while the other five were own goals by members of the opposing team. These own goals were credited to keepers for being the last person to touch the puck.

  • Nine Keepers
Two of the nine keepers, Martin Brodeur and Ron Hextall, actually managed to score twice. Canadian Martin Brodeur scored once through a shot on goal, while his second credit came from an opponent's own goal.

Both of Canadian Ron Hextall's goals were the result of shots on goal.

  • List of Goal-Scoring Keepers
The keepers, their team, the type of goal, the opposing team and the season in which the goals were scored are listed below.

Billy Smith, for New York Islanders, own goal by Colorado Rockies,1979-80

Ron Hextall, for Philadelphia Flyers, shot on goal against Boston Bruins, 1987-88

Ron Hextall, for PF, short-hand goal, against Washington Capitals, 1988-89

Chris Osgood, for Detroit Wings, shot on goal against Hartford Whalers, 1995-96

Martin Brodeur, for New Jersey Devils, shot on goal against Montreal Canadiens, 1996-97

Damian Rhodes, for Ottawa Senators, own goal by New Jersey Devils, 1998-99

Martin Brodeur, for New Jersey Devils, own goal by Philadelphia Flyers, 1999-2000

Jose Theodore, for Montreal Canadiens, shot on goal against New York Islanders, 2000-01

Evgeni Nabokov, for San Jose Sharks, power play goal against Vancouver Canucks, 2001-02

Mika Noronen, for Buffalo Sabres, own goal by Toronto Maple Leafs, 2003-04

Chris Mason, for Nashville Predators, own goal by Phoenix Coyotes, 2005-06

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