When Was The First Ashes Ever Played?


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England played their first test match against Australia in 1877 but the first Ashes test match was played in 1882. The Ashes is a series of Test matches between England and Australia. It is played every two years, alternating between venues in Australia and England. There is much importance given to winning this series as the country's pride hangs in the balance.

After England's first defeat by Australia in England in 1882 the Sporting Times wrote a sarcastic article saying that this was the funeral of English cricket and the ashes from the cremation would we taken to Australia. The subsequent tour to Australia by England was therefore called 'The Quest to recapture the Ashes'. The last Ashes played was in 2005 in England and so the next one will be in 2007 this time in Australia. Thereafter the 2009 series will be held in England again and so on.

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