Where Is Manchester United Training Ground?


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Manchester United is one of the oldest and most prestigious football clubs in history. This club was established in the year 1878 and since then has won numerous awards and accolades.

Manchester United is the current English Champions as well as the winners for Premier league, UEFA Champions league and FIFA World cup. The home ground of Manchester United is Old Trafford which has a capacity of 76,212 spectators.

The training ground for Manchester United is called the Trafford Training center or the Carrington training center. This ground serves not only as the training ground but also the Base for the Academy of Manchester United.

This ground is situated near Greater Manchester in a village called Carrington. This training center has 14 football pitches and also a number of other places like training and rehabilitation area, Physiotheraphy rooms, massage rooms, hydrotherapy pools, sauna, steam rooms, weight rooms, squash court, basketball court etc. It runs over an area of 108 acres and is guarded like a fortress.
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Carrington Hall
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The first team train at Carrington Road training ground,which is located in the Manchester borough of  Trafford.Previously the first team trained at The Cliff Training ground before moving to the new one in January 2000.
Hope this helps and greetings from scotland
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*Carrington Training Center* -
Directions: Leave M60 at jnct 8, the Carrington spur.
Straight ahead at the lights at the end.
At the next set of lights, turn left and go all the way to the end.
There is a barrier across the road with one of those insert your pass things
so not possible to get any further. The roadway past the barrier is brand new.
There are no signs whatsoever and you cannot see the rooftops of any
buildings as the road climbs up a bit and then falls away.
It is therefore not possible to see the team train as we did at the Cliff.
It's in carrington, urmston cheshire.
My workplace overlooks the training ground!!!
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Osama bin Laden
Carrington is NEAR, but not IN, Urmston. Neither Carrington nor Urmston are in Cheshire, they're both in Trafford, Greater Manchester. I doubt your workplace overlooks the training ground since is surrounded by fields. Unless you work in a big tree.
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If you click here, you'll find a map to it. You can put your mouse cursor over the map and drag it around to see exactly how to get there.
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The training ground of Manchester United is located on Sir Matt Busby Way. It is located in the Greater Manchester borough of Trafford. The stadium plays home to the Manchester United Football Club. The ground was opened in the year 1910 and is owned and operated by Manchester United itself. The construction of the ground cost pound 60,000 GBP. The architect of the stadium was Archibald Leitch.

The stadium was given the nickname of 'The Theatre of Dreams' by the legendary football star 'Sir Bobby Charlton'. The capacity of the Manchester United stadium is around 76,000. Plans for the development of stadium are almost under way to make it much bigger and better. After the re-construction the capacity of the stadium is around 96,000. The stadium is also dubbed as 'Stretford'.
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Where is Manchester United training ground? durr, you've just described where the football ground is, not the training ground, idiot.
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United's state of the art training facility six miles west from Old Trafford, deep in the countryside of Manchester's suburbs. The site covers 70 acres and boasts 14 pitches of varying size. Inside the complex, there is training and rehabilitation areas, physiotherapy, massage rooms and remedial and hydrotherapy pools.

Its not called fortress Carrington for nothing, fans can hang outside the entrance in the hope of a player stopping to sign autographs but most zoom by in their cars. Players won't autograph merchandise in case you sell it on E-bay and just be careful you don't confuse it with another Carrington sports centre, Manchester City have their training facility close nearby.
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Carrington training ground is the state of the art training facility lying six miles west from Old Trafford. The site boasts of 70 acres of ground and has 14 pitches of various sizes. The interior of the complex is replete with training centres, rehabilitation areas, massage rooms, physiotherapy, remedial and hydrotherapy pools.

To get there, you have to leave M60 at junction 8, which is the Carrington spur. Head straight to the lights at the end. At the next set of lights, move left and go all the way to the end. One can also call Carrington training ground as the "fortress Carrington," for the simple reason that fans are usually seen hanging outside the entrance in the hope of a player stopping by to sign for autographs. This is a rare scenario as most of them just zoom by in their vehicles.

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