What are some good football run through banner ideas/sayings about playing against panthers?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

My thoughts on run through banners when playing against panthers are as follows:

  • Pound the panthers (my personal favourite as it can be taken two ways)
  • Pickle the panthers
  • Paddle the panthers
  • Pain the panthers
  • Pelt the panthers
  • Paddle the panthers
  • Pink the panthers
  • Pick on the panthers
  • Panthers lack passion
  • Prevent the panthers

Okay, I'm having way too much fun with that, but you get the idea. The secret is also in the design of the banner, so make it a good one with bright colours and the slogan large so that it can be read. Avoid colours like yellow on a white background and perhaps draw a rectangular star shape around the slogan to make it stand out even more.

Good luck with the game, I hope your team wins!

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