What Underwear Do Soccer Players Wear?


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Soccer players probably wear normal briefs or fitted boxer shorts - which would be the most sensible type of underwear for a guy to wear whilst engaging in any physical activity.

What kind of underwear do footballers wear?
Although I haven't had the privilege of seeing many hunky football players in their underwear (apart from LA Galaxy's David Beckham modelling briefs for Calvin Klein), I'd assume that they tend to wear pretty much the same kind of underwear as most other guys.

Soccer players don't wear cups or jockstraps like hockey players do, and their shorts aren't always that fitted. So, for this reason, it'd make sense for soccer players to wear fitted briefs or boxer shorts to 'hold it all in'.

Without going into too much detail about the male anatomy, a fitted type of underwear would best provide the 'support' required when running around, but wouldn't constrict or cause discomfort.

One soccer player who isn't too shy to show off his underpants is the Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner. During the Euro 2012 competition in Poland and Ukraine, he exposed his underwear to reveal the logo of a betting company.

He was subsequently fined around $130,000 for this indiscretion!
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They are human like us, and they wear what we wear.

It could happen that there are also those that wear woman's underwear, too!

I don't know what they wear on the pitch - but I should think they wear briefs.
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