What Clothes Do Footballers Wear?


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The simple answer to this would be that a basic football strip consists of a shirt (or jersey) emblazoned with the club's crest, shorts and socks, usually with a distinctive color pattern. However for a more detailed answer please, do read on.

A standard football shirt will be made of a nylon or similar synthetic fabric, in order to ensure the players the is not constricted and can breathe with ease. This shirt will contain the applicable club's crest, and more often or not a sponsor, as well as the kit supplier's logo.

Football shorts will be made of the same material as the shirt, and will generally be of either the same color as a shirt, or a color that matches aesthetically (for instance, yellow and green or red and white).

Football socks will generally be a thick cotton, which are almost knee length to effectively contain shin guards, worn underneath.

Footballers will also (obviously!) wear boots, fitted with either metal studs or, more commonly, moulded plastic studs, in order to provide the more effective possible grip in order to prevent injury and assist mobility.

In the event of kits clashing with oppositions, each football team will also have a change (or away) strip, consisting of a conflicting color scheme to the home jersey.
In the case of goalkeepers jerseys will generally be long sleeved, with additional padding across the arms, elbows and shoulders, in order to provide protection, as goalkeepers are often required to dive in order to save the ball. Goalkeepers will also wear gloves, usually made of leather, with padding to protect the hands and fingers from injury. Goalkeepers kits will also be of a conflicting color to that of his/her team mates.

Additional items of clothing in football include captain's armbands, elasticated bands to indicate which player on each team is captain, and baseball caps which are offered exclusively to goalkeepers. I hope this has helped.

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