What Are The Advantages Of Having Technology Brought Into Football Games?


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There are many calls to have video replays and goal-line technology implemented into football games. This has come about after many incorrect decisions have been made by ref's, causing teams to loose points in the league.
Video replays of incidents on the football field would surely improve the accuracy of decisions made and make the game more fair on a wide scale. Sometimes a ref does not see everything that goes on in the football field, which can lead to incorrect decisions being made.
Video replays have been used in Rugby for a few seasons and it has proved to work very well - so why not football!
Goal-line technology is also another way to improve the accuracy of decisions made by the ref/linesman. Many times in football have unfair decisions been made because the official does not know if the ball has passed the line or not - goal-line technology would put an end to this.
So there should be modern technology put into football to make the game more fair to football fans.

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