At Which Position Should I Play In Softball?


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It really just depends on what you're good at on the softball field and where you are most also would be a good idea to ask your coach what position he or she would suggest for you to play. I've been playing since 2nd grade and up until about 5th grade I played 1st base but my coach saw something in me in those 3 years and told me to start catching. I've been behind the plate and I LOVE it!!!! More often than not the coaches know more than the players!
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There are many positions that you can go for:
1st baseman
2nd baseman
3rd baseman
.Short stop
Center Fielder
Right Fielder
.Left Fielder.
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It depends on were your comfortable, I've been playing a while and got really good just watching. If you know how the game works, it shouldn't matter where you play, just where your comfortable.
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The most active positions are pitcher,catcher,1st base,3rd,short stop n left n right field I played fast pitch for a toal of 8-9 yrs and those were tho most interesting positions so I would think that softball is the same
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It depends on how long you've been playing or if its your first year, I've been playing for 9 years, and I love pitching, and first base. But if your just starting out, I would say, left field or center field.
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I think that you must play left field that will be good for you.

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