How Is Badminton Played And What Are Its Rules And Regulations?


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Introduction of Badminton:

Badminton is an indoor court game which is played with rackets and shuttlecock of nylon or cork and feathers. This game probably originated in 1870 in the park of Badminton House (England). A game of badminton is usually played to 15 points. The men's international badminton team competition called Thomas Cup (Donated by Sir George Thomas in 1940) was first held in November 1948 and was won by Malaya. The World Championships started in 1977 are held every two years. Now days there are a range of grand slam events that are held all over the world.

Duration of Match:

A badminton match consists of best of three games. Each single's game comprises of 15 points (for men's singles) and 11 points (for women's singles). A double match is played between teams comprising of two players each. Doubles game consists of 15 points for both men and women's competitions.

Scoring of Points:

In badminton the points are scored only by the serving side. If the serving side fails to make a good return the service changed. In the doubles both the players of a team serve before change of service to other side.

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