Where Did The Boston Red Sox Get Their Name?


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The Boston Red Sox got their name from the Red Stockings team that once played in Cincinnati. A few Cincinnati players moved the team to Boston taking the Red Stockings name with them. Eventually the Boston Red Stockings adopted the name the Boston Braves; the club is now based in Atlanta, and still retains red as one of its uniform colors. The Boston Red Sox, established in 1901, adopted their version of the old nickname in 1908.
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They are/were known as the Old Town Team and The Bosox. combined they are the Boston Red Sox. The logo was a red sock with "Boston" written on it.
They were also known as Boston Americans when they were first founded. This was from 1901 to 1908 I believe.
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The Boston Red Sox is one of the oldest teams in Baseball. They were officially known as the Boston's, or known as Americans, Somerset's and the Pilgrims. However on the 18th of December in the year 1907 the team was renamed as the Boston Red Sox. The team was renamed when the then owner John Taylor noticed that the team themselves had stopped wearing the traditional red stockings. After noticing this he declared that the team (American League Boston) would be renamed as the Red Sox and furthermore, red stockings would be a part of the team's uniform.

The Boston Red Sox shares a very prominent Rivalry with the New York Yankees.

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