How Did The New York Yankees Get Their Name?


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From the Dutch who were known as Kees.  Yan was a popular name and they were referred to as the yankees.
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The New York Yankees basically are a Major League Baseball team, and get their name after New York City. The team is based in The Bronx, borough and is also known as "the Yanks" and "the Bronx Bombers".

The club was established in the year 1901 at Baltimore, Maryland and was initially known as Baltimore Orioles. They later changed their name to New York Highlanders after shifting to New York in the year 1903. Since the year 1923 till present date, the New York Yankees have played at the Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees have been the most successful team of the major league bagging 26 World Series titles and another 39 American League Pennants.

The Yankees share an age old rivalry with Boston Red Sox and the Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry has revolved around the so called Curse of the Bambino.
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The New York Yankees did not get their name after New York City. Where does the word Yankees come from...............? Do your homework!

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