How Do You Fight Like A WWE Wrestler?


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To become a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Wrestler, you first have to become a professional wrestler. I do not know where you reside, but if you are in Atlanta, Georgia or near Atlanta, there is a school for learning wrestling. You can check out the Website www.wwa4.comhomepage.html On this site you will get a lot of information about wrestling. There is a link here, which takes you to a page about WWE. This site give you the type of information, which is possibly available in your own city or state.

If you go to  You will find first, an interview with Shelton Benjamin who has wrestled in Iraq and Afghanistan, for our Armed Forces, during the Tribute to the Troops Show. Also, on this page in the navigation bar on the left, there are a lot of links to take you to sites about wrestling. Then, after the Interview, there is another group of links: Suggested reading; Related Articles; Related topics and some Sponsored links such as the WCW History Quiz.

I do not know your age, but I would suggest, if you are in High School or about to enter High School, join the Schools Wrestling Team. You can also, check in your town and city, there may a wrestling training school near you. Oh, I almost forgot, when you talk about wrestling, use the word wrestling, and not the word fighting. Wrestlers get upset, if you call their sport fighting, instead of wrestling!  Good luck!
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Do you know that if you want to see a closer look into can just go to and see videos pics and more in a snap.its easy!by the way,my favorite wresteler was JOHN CENA,RANDY ORTAN,BIG SHOW...on the girls.......THE BELLA TWINS AND FELSHA FOX.

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