How Tall Is A Basketball Hoop From The Ground?


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Basketball hoops are available in different variations kinds and sizes, Hoops for children is shorter than the standard ones, portable hops may be adjusted between eight to 10 feet. So how tall is a basketball hoop? Well, the standard hoop is 10 feet high; the same hop height used by amateur and professional players (high school and college included). The foot height is measured from the rim, the diameter may not be more than five to eight in, and the net must hang 15 and 18 in from the bottom of the ring.

And those backboards? The backboard may be of different sorts; it may be rectangular or fan shaped, depending on the league. When rectangular, it will be between 3.5 ft or four ft, all rectangular backboards have an upper edge that is 13 ft above the floor. Only high schools allow fan shaped back boards, and in such an instance, the upper edge of the fan shaped backboard would be 12 ft, eight inches above the ground.

The NBA and WNBA share a lot in common; however, there are significant differences at the same time, the most visible being where women shoot three points. In the NBA, it is 23.75 from the middle of the basket, on the women’s side it is 19.75 (much closer).  This divergence is also present in college level games; the three point line is 20.75 feet away from center basket.

Unlike the height of the rim that is standard across the league, courts may be of different sizes from league to league, a professional court is 94 ft by 50 ft (NBA). The same courts size is used on the college level.  High school courts are 84 ft long and 50 ft wide.
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10 feet
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10 feet from the ground to the rim of hoop.
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The height is 10 feet from the ground. But it should be higher in the NBA and College as tall as some of these guys grow these days.
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20 feet
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Hello. This information you can check in basketball rules. The top of the hoop is 10 feet (305 cm) above the ground. All basketball rims (hoops) are 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter. This info I found on Wikipedia. By the way do you know that the NBA is back? I watched several matches and LA Lakers showed amazing game!

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