Yesterday in England, two NFL teams played before 84.000 fans. Do you think London will try and get an NFL franchise team? They sure seem to love it there.


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It will be great more world involvement but heavy travel cost

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It's all about the money. Such events are always well-attended, and with ticket prices averaging about £60 that's a cool £5 million (6 million bucks) before concessions, programmes, etc. After overheads of all sorts, the promoters are clearing about £3.5 Million for a weeks work (if you include preparation, staffing, security etc.) I'm sure there will be more games coming up.

But such events do have "curiosity value" Would they be so well attended if they were more commonplace? Would they be better attended if the Brits had a half-decent football team? (We don't, by the way).

It's also worth making the point that they played at Wembley Stadium, we have only 3 venues** in the UK of that size now, most stadia are around the 35000 size.

** And one of those has restrictions on the number of games that can be played there.

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Rooster Cogburn
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They may be moving to Las Vegas but the deal isn't signed yet. Hmmmm. London Raiders ? They're playing some good ball right now too.
Ray  Dart
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I have just done the Raiders owners a disservice. The same family has owned them for ages. They just can't work out where they want to play.
They were in both LA then back to Oakland when I was living in So Cal.
Las Vegas Raiders doesn't sound right.
Rooster Cogburn
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It doesn't to me either ! The Raiders are a good team with a crazy fan base ! I think they would be a good fit in the London area. Same family has owned them for years but since Al Davis passed away, things have went better for them and they're not so greedy. If Oakland built them a new stadium? I'm sure they would stay.
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It would be great, every time they stopped play for a TV ad, everyone could have a spot of tea.  LOL

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