What's your favorite sports moment?


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Actually Dear Zack it's 4.75 moments...yes I have sat on the 50-yard line and the basketball players (etc.) are poetry in motion, but for pure transcendence of the human body can achieve...


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THAT is very special...Tiger...
I never saw them in person, but still recall that Olympics in 1984, sitting transfixed in front of the old TV
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As each won their gold medal and when each stood on the podium.

1. Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

2. Mary Lou Retton.

3. Greg Louganis.

4. Michael Phelps

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1980 World Series, game 6. Pete Rose making the catch of the year.

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The ever-famous Vinko Bogotaj, the epic fail ski-jumper shown for years in ABC's Wide World of Sports' opening montage as "the agony of defeat".

Still brings tears.    ...of laughter.

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Earl campbell of houston oilers during a monday night game dragging pittsburgh players down the field with him as he ran

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Andrew Lloyd's 5,000 metre gold medal at the Auckland Commonwealth Games in 1990, He was tripped and fell during the race, lost mega-distance but got up in the final lap to catch the runaway leader. Here's a video of the last lap.

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My favorite sport is watch the competitive of tennis, I love to watch them playing, specially when the well-known ones played, I am the fan of tennis watcher, as I could watch it till the end and without eating when, it was the lunch or diner time.

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