What's your favorite sport to watch?


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Motocross or nfl

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Oscar Villanueva , UFC I love it , answered


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Didge Doo answered

High level tennis.

My favourite sport to DO is triathlon but it takes so long and is spread out over such a distance that it's not really a spectator sport.

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Janis Haskell answered

Baseball ... In person.

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Skip Gentry answered


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Jann Nikka
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Hi Skip 🌹
Charles Davis
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I could never get into Nascar, unless I'm in a Nascar pool. I always thought it was as much fun as watching paint dry. I have friends that LOVE it, but I just can't.
Skip  Gentry
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That's how I feel about other sports. I can't get interested in them.
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Jaimie JT answered

HOCKEY !!!I'm going to a hockey game this Friday and my nieces choir is singing the national anthem at start so I'm super excited for that :) I know I won't hear here sing cos she is so shy ... But I'm so excited for her and to watch game with her and her dad after  so I pick hockey then :)

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Woof Woofy answered

Baseball!!! Growing up,  dad and i would to go to the ballpark and watch games most friday evenings, sometimes we would get burgers and fries, i do regret not joining baseball when i was a kid.

(im probably not the biggest baseball fan in the world but i enjoy watching it)

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Kasey Jones answered

Golden State Warriors basketball, 49er football, and San Francisco Giants baseball!!! And sometimes Stanford Gymnastics... A competition that's happening right now... My parents and 2 sisters are there right now. I decided not to go because I'm not a gymnastics girl.

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