Favorite football team?


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Being that I live on the West coast , I'm a die-hard 49ers fan ! American Football that is.

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I don't like professional sports. I am a college sports fan, So I am sure you can tell by my name I am a FL Gator fan.

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Denver Broncos

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Kathryn Amis answered

I have to put up a little defence here for soccer - or football as we call it here in the UK.

My favourite football team is Norwich City - known as the Canaries. They play in yellow and green.

They've just been promoted to the English Premier League following an exciting play-off final at Wembley stadium in London (I was there!)

Although Norwich is a relatively small town of about 140,00, football fans come from all over Norfolk county to watch the Canaries, and home games are usually full - about 27, 000 people every time.

One interesting fact; Norwich City has the oldest football song in the world.  It's called On The Ball City and has been sung since 1890.

Every week before, during and after games fans sing the refrain-

'Kick it in, throw it in, have a little scrimmage

Keep it low, splendid rush, bravo win or die!

On the ball City, never mind the danger

Steady on! Now's your chance!

Hurrah we've scored a goal!

City! City! City!

Although though a Glaswegian Ranger supporter by upbringing - I am now a fully paid up season ticket holder at Norwich City - probably the best team in the world!


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