What are the Commonwealth Games?


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Originally known as the British Empire Games between its establishment in 1930-1950, the Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sporting event involving countries that reside within the fifty-three Commonwealth Nations. 

Whilst they occur every four years, an interesting fact is that only six Commonwealth countries have attended every single tournament - England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

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The Commonwealth Games is a renowned international sporting event held every four years in designated countries around the world. This year (in 2014) the Commonwealth Games took place in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Commonwealth Games first started in 1930 and was known as the British Empire and Commonwealth Games. Athletes from all the countries included in the Commonwealth participate in a variety of different sports from races to javelin.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGA) is the governing authority and oversees the games. The CGA is responsible for choosing the host country and ensures from the Commonwealth Nations. 

There are 53 countries included in the Commonwealth Nation however 71 teams participate as there are multiple teams from individual countries.  Many athletes train for months to prepare themselves for this renowned sporting event which is watched by millions around the world. 

The Commonwealth Games has nurtured many talents such as runner Mo Farah. There are many celebrity sporting athletes who have participated in the Commonwealth Games. 

This prestigious sporting event sees an unprecedented amount of athletes participate for the chance of wining either gold, silver or bronze medals although all athletes have their eye on winning first place for their home country! 

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