What Are The Levels Of Competitions In The Baseball Game?


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I found that answer to be confusing and also believe that it is not 100% accurate. I choose to start at the bottom and move up the ladder to the Major League.
1. Rookie ball: These are the majority of the first year players; many who chose to sign right out of high school.
2. Low A: A step up from rookie ball; many of these players chose not to sign when drafted out of high school, but choose to sign when drafted after three years of college.
3. High A: Players who are showing potential and growing as a ball
4.Double A: Many players who reach this level have progressed and coaches still feel they have the potential to make it to the top. Players also feel better about their chances at this level.
5. Triple A: The last step, but not necessarily the best chance, to make it to the top. This league is often used for Major League players to rehab after an injury. For some, it can be the "step to nowhere" and they make the decision to leave the world of baseball. This is not an easy path as there are many ups and downs along the way. Their futures are never a given. They must love the game to follow this road!
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There are different levels of the competition in the baseball game. The first level in the baseball game is Open level. At this level the players are restricted from different condition by the major baseball league. There is no minor league team which has received such status or level in the baseball game yet. This was used in the past and this level is now no more used in the baseball game. The next level in the baseball game which is used in the baseball matches is Class AAA. According to this level some players from the minor league can be given to chance to play for the major league under their performance and terms and conditions with the major league.

The next level or category is Class AA. This is the one of the most appreciating and motivating level for the players. When a player reach this level he can easily move on to the major league for big matches so this is very interesting levels for the players and every player want to be at this level. The next level of skills is the Class A level in the baseball game. So this is further divided into the High A and Low A. so at this stage most of the player easily reach to the major league due to their skills.

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