When did curling become an Olympic sport?


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Want to know when curling started? It's actually a bit of a mystery! Two countries are fighting over the right to say they invented the sport of curling:

Canada and Scotland.

The stories of the first men and women to take up curling heavy “stones,” shaped like tea kettles goes back to the 18th century.

And the Montreal Curling Club does back all the way to its founding in 1807.

The Scottish story holds slightly less water in that it is said to have started around a frozen lake or loch in the highlands.

And yet, competitions have rarely taken place in Scotland in the past 50 years because the temperature isn't sufficiently cold enough to create frozen ice thick enough to play on.

Maybe global warming has changed things since the 18th century, but the Scots are yet to show conclusive evidence about how they invented curling if you ask me.

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