What Is The Difference Between A Champion And An Ordinary Athlete?


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Also, the champion usually wins.
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The mindset.
Winning a shiny medal is not the ultimate prize, the fair and hard fought competition is the reward.
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Training,practice practice practice,skill,and the lack of practice,training and skill of the other competitors.oh! And a bad break on the part of the other athletes,weather changes,health,injuries.oh! And repeat wins showing it was not just a one time happenstance.
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The "Champion" is the one who has a bowl of WHEATIES® cereal for breakfast, every morning.
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A Champion dedicates his or her whole life to being the best athlete and practice nine, ten hours a day to be the best.  They eat, sleep and drink sport.  The only thing they will ever talk about is sport, they only watch sport and that is what makes them the best.  I come out of a family where everyone is sport crazy from watching to actually doing it on International levels.

An ordinary athlete will never live like this and go to these lengths to be the best
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Thanks Tamy. What sports?
Michelle New Zealand
Cricket and rugby. The one plays cricket for England and SA and the other one plays rugby for SA. I am a mean score keeper in cricket, haha. My husband use to be a cricketer himself and use to couch cricket as well and weekends I would be the score keeper in the competitions. I use to be a great long distance athlete and has colors for being the best in my province. Use to get up at 5 in the morning and cycle for a few kilometers then come back get the dogs and go run another few kilometers
Michelle New Zealand
After work I will go to the fitness centre and do weights to build muscle in my legs for running. I haven't done that in a while but still enjoy a good run in the morning just to keep fit
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Champions win metals annually.
Ordinary athletes are only competitors once in awhile.
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A champion whose somone in the past won lots of medals, ie, gold,silver & bronze medals. Also they can be a champion for being the fastest & also competing in lots of other different sports instead of just 1. An athlete is just that. Someone who competes in the races & competions etc but has not yet won anything. Xxx
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A Champion Dedicates His Or Her Life To Being The Best And Is Wiling To Put Training Above Almost Anything Else To Succeed... An Ordinary Athlete Does It For The Fun Of Getting Out There And Being With Friend Or Like Staying In Shape

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