What Sport Or Games Do You Play At Home?


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Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.

I play soccer at home.
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jacques slabouz answered
I think it was called....(I better not..lol)..   Jarts! Was fun...the pointy spear like projectile...with 6 inch spikes...You had to throw and get in a plastic circle...But the kid who hit his sister in the head....after legal stuff...They now make them with soft plastic pieces
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Smarty Pants answered
I play tackle football at home.
Julia Profile
Julia answered
We enjoy Ticket to Ride and dominoes. Definately, pansy lightweights (LOL)!!
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Hungry Guy answered
None!  I HATE sports!  I was a total klutz at sports in school, and therefore despised by bullies around the world.  Though if I could, I'd like to play Calvinball.  Or maybe Quidditch.
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jasper rafols answered
Soccer!!! But ive nver plaed one before,, though i sometimes kick my basketbal, turning it to a  soccer ball, speaking of turning,, twisting basketballs !!! I can twist a ball for a 5 minutes, either in my left or right hand, in my middle finger, pointing finger, thumb, the finger you usually put your ring, and the tinky winky finger,,,  
  mixed martial arts!! !! No, we dont do MMA in our home :(

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