If You Could Be In A Pro Sport Which Would It Be And, Why?


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Definitely baseball....As a kid I fantasized about hitting that game winning homerun at yankees stadium....( getting goosebumps ) ..haha
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If I had to be a part of a professional sport, it would be Football. The first reason being the enthusiasm and the fan following which is perhaps the best as compared to any other sport. Second it needs a mixture of everything, thinking, physical strength and stamina. Lastly I think it pays off quite well in terms of financial gains.
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I am waiting for "Shopping" to be made an Olympic sport. Seriously, football takes a terrible physical toil and you are only part of a team so your efforts may not be enough. Your success, in part, is dependent on the whole team. Tennis or golf would be my choice for pro sports. You get to travel the world. You can pick and choose your matches. You are the star and you make a lot of money.
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American Football a Defensive End!
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Well they don't let girls play but i would play football .I have always found it to be fun and if they would let me play i would .
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Baseball is my game. Hitting that ball, running and stealing those bases, and sliding into home. Turning a double play, a snap throw to get the runner out at second, and climbing the wall in center to bring a homer back into the park. What could be sweeter?
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I would have to actually say a few because, I don't really have a favourite sport to make it at....
So, i would have to say

  • WNBA/WNBL, because, I have always been a basketball player & you get lots of support behind you but you also require strength & stamina in this as well as the ability to play as a team...

  • AFL football, because, it requires physical strength, stamina & you get  a lot of support behind you

  • Speed Stacks, because, I will be competing in the World Championships (international) & it can get you far, as well as, earning a great living...

  • Athletics, like shot-put, javelin & discus, because I have grown up with athletics & I enjoy it & it would be great fun to compete at a high level with other pros

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