When Did Womens Wrestling Start?


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With the worldwide impact of the Olympic Games continues to expand, and the
sport itself, as reflected in a fair, just and tenacious, hard features, women's
sports in this field continue to expand and develop. Restricted women's movement
had been seen as many projects have been carried out, women wrestling is one of
them. 1984 International Amateur Wrestling Federation (FILA) recognized women's
wrestling. Women's freestyle wrestling, but only one set, and their rules and
men the same as freestyle wrestling. August 1989, held in Switzerland in the 1st
World Women's Wrestling Championship. Since then, every year host the Women's
Wrestling World Championships. Until 2004 Athens Olympic Games, women's
wrestling are listed as an official event. In order to be able to enter the
Olympic women's wrestling, the International Amateur Wrestling Federation (FILA)
has done a lot of work. The main tool is to reduce the level of men's wrestling.
Earliest Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling 10 levels each, then each
compressed into eight levels, each one less level and later, so the only
seven-level, and This makes access to the Olympic women's wrestling family.
Olympic women's wrestling is only set up four levels of competition.

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