Why wrestling should not be banned?


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I don't understand why it should be banned anyway ? Wrestling is a very big sensitive sport which has million of fans & supporters. The ban will never happen. If I wanna be a wrestler then it's no one's business to stop from being one, no one has the right to ban it.  Plus if you're wondering about the danger of injuries then how about we sit at home & do nothing ? Cause any sport has danger of injuries, plus the risk of injury is with us every second as we breath & ever since that we walk out of our homes in our daily life. So we should just be  scared & sit at home & do nothing so we be safe?

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Sara Lewis answered

There are lots of arguments against wrestling being banned. Some of the most popular reasons are as follows:

  • Freedom of choice: All participants are willing, and aware of any physical risks they face by taking part.
  • There are many sports that can be dangerous- people have had serious injuries from boxing, horse racing, american football, skiing- to name just a few. It would not be feasible to ban any sport than poses a safety risk.
  • There are stringent rules and regulations in place to protect those taking part. The sport is not a "free for all".
  • Wrestling has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Greeks. There is a lot of tradition and history, and people feel they should be able to continue this in the future.

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